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​Beresheet is a versatile typeface suitable for book pages. It can also be used for title letters. Inspired by the Ashkenazi Stam script, Beresheet is a heavy serif typeface with a high contrast between the horizontal and vertical lines.




Student project

Font design course

led by Meir Sadan


​Inspired by the stam lettering in the book "the art of Hebrew lettering", I began to draw sketches of the letters on parchment. In the beginning, I focused on the essence of the font - the letters '-א-ל-ם. I used my initial sketches of these letters to create the rest - ש-ר-ז. I scanned the results and reconstructed the letters in AI.

I printed out the digitized letters and went back to the parchment to refine each curve and make any necessary adjustments. I repeated the process a few times until I was satisfied with the results. Once those letters were finished, I started working on the rest of the letters by "breaking" them and using the pieces for the rest.


​I wanted to create a typeface suitable for both book pages and title letters. I intended to design a heavy serif typeface, which made the process even more challenging. To achieve my goal, I had to work on the letters at different sizes so I could fix any legibility issues. I worked from large to small, printing my results each time and making sure the letters remained legible without compromising on the style of the typeface.

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