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​Music video design for the song Bloodflow by the band Beatfoot. The music video was divided among several groups, each responsible for designing their segment. Each group was given 20 seconds of music and a specific color palette to use. Inspired by the song lyrics, I decided to create a "human heart" out of various body parts. During the design process, I also created a letter set for the project and captured abstract fluid shots that were later used in the background of the video.




Student project

Co-edited with Victoria Lagemi

Music video design course

led by True twins


​My main goal was to create compelling typographic visuals and motion collages. I wanted the project to have a more handcrafted feel, so I decided to create my own footage. I created the typography with water and whiteboard markers, and the liquids with black ink, water, and acrylic paints. I also wanted to combine different typographies and create a mix of styles, which led me to create a set of digital letters.

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