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i was asked to develop the concept and design for a series of 3 cookbooks with a theme of my choice. Inspired by my own laziness in the kitchen, I decided to dedicate this project to lazy cooks. The name is a pun on the word lazy & sloth, which translates to the same word in Hebrew. All the illustrations are mine and the recipes were collected from like-minded friends and created by me.




Student project

Editorial design course

led by Maya Bar Yehuda


​I live by the rule that less is more, so I wanted to design this book with that rule in mind. I wanted the recipes to be easy to read and quick to understand. There are no "hard" recipes, it's all about how easy they are - from "easy" to "easssy". Each recipe was labeled with an icon that indicated the level of difficulty, as well as the cooking and prep time.


I wanted all the recipes to be simple and not require any special tools. Therefore, I decided that everything will be prepared only with a frying pan. To avoid "getting lost" or forgetting where you were during the cooking process, I created a system of steps for each recipe. The easiest recipes consisted of a total of 3 steps, while the most difficult had six. The reader can quickly recreate each recipe by following the steps and their numerical order, and the minimal use of text prevents any chance of getting lost in the process.

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