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​I was asked to create a channel on a topic that interested me. I chose to make a channel that focuses on women in history, especially unknown women. During this project, I created 3 IDs, a logotype, a banner, and a program schedule. I used historical footage and photos that I drew on by hand. I came up with the name using a play on the words history and she. The Hebrew word for "she" is pronounced as "he", so in Hebrew, it's called "he-story".




Student project

led by Inbal Kaplan


​We live in an age full of information about inspiring women, but unfortunately, we only hear about the stories and achievements of a few. I wanted to create a channel that would give a stage to lesser-known women and showcase their untold stories. I started with extensive research, collecting archival footage and photos to use in creating a motion collage. I used the orange color to bring the footage back to life and give it an edgy and rebellious feel by drawing on top of it.


I wanted to create an original logotype that wasn't based on an existing Hebrew font. I was inspired by vintage typography in women's magazines. I started with hand-drawn sketches on parchment, and when I was satisfied with the result, I recreated the letters in AI.

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