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​As my senior thesis in college, I created a stop-motion video art on the topic of child abuse. I wanted the video to be a visual and emotional experience without any specific plot. For this project, I photographed random people on the street, printed the footage, edited and arranged it. During the video, we see a child and an elderly woman symbolizing the victim and the abuser. We also see that the abuser was once a child, representing a repeating cycle. The project focuses on dealing with childhood trauma and reflects the feelings that are triggered by it.




Final student project

led by Meir Sadan and Hila Shaltieli


​My main goal was to convey a feeling without telling a specific story. I wanted to be as vague as possible, so I chose strangers on the street as my subjects. I photographed random people in different cities and printed these photos in black and white. When I had collected enough photos, I started to sort them in a certain order and looked for a way to connect them via stop-motion. I started cutting out the different parts and used them to create my sequence of images. When I was happy with my sequence, I photographed each image and edited it in After Effects.

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